Summer Season:

In USA, summer starts on 21st of June, each year, making everyone busy with their out-door activities. Since daylight savings are in effective, it won't get dark until its 8.30pm. Normally the temperatures may stay between 80� to 90�F in most places and even go beyond 100�F in certain places on a particular day in summer.


People here in USA like to tour a lot and spent most times during summer in out-door activities like spending time at the beaches, camping, fishing, boating, para-sailing, hiking etc. When its summer, you will always have one thing or the other planned for you to visit and spend time.

Almost all the tourist spots are open right from morning 8A.M until 8P.M. So you will have plenty of time to play around with your family and friends. It is also more likely that many people go for jogging, biking regularly during this period of the year.

Where to go?

There are plenty of places for you to visit during summer. Most importantly Florida and California Beaches should not be skipped at any cost. You can see the nature's wonder at Niagara Falls or spend some quality time with your friends and family in Disney Land or at theme parks or go to aquariums or sea worlds.

If you are interested in adventures then take some adventurous trips on hiking and backpacking or you can spend the day enjoying at the man-made wonders like Liberty Statue, Hoover Dam, Mount Rushmore etc., or take time to educate yourself at the museums.

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