Spring Season:

In USA, spring starts on 21st of March, each year, bringing joy to flowers, trees and to our eyes since the earth is covered fully with lush green plants bearing beautiful flowers. Its the season of growth for the plants during when the plants and trees wake up from their long cold winter sleep and showing their joy with colors. Its wonderful to see them bloom with colorful flowers.


Tulips are gorgeous, stunning flowers, sometimes its hard to believe that these are real flowers, which often reminds you of spring season. They bloom in all bright colors and you can see them everywhere almost in front of all the apartment buildings, gardens, parks etc.

Tulips grow from their bulbs and often planted in rows not just a single plant making them look like a bed of tulip flowers during their blooming season.

Tulip bulbs are planted during December each year and are planted in large quantities of bulbs in beds and borders. After the blooming, the tulip bulbs are removed from the soil and stored for next year's spring.

Spring Bloom:

Apart from these Tulips, other flowers commonly found during spring are Dogwood trees, Daffodils, Hyacinths etc.

Where to go?

The best places to watch and enjoy these spring blooms are Botanical Gardens, Arboretums and Parks. These places would normally collect a small fee or none for the entry. It is breathtaking to see the several kinds of trees, shrubs, flowers and plants in one place like the above said. So, its worth visiting these places especially during spring. Below is one good landscape that I've captured in one of the Arboretum in Dayton, Ohio.

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