Sample Expenses:

Cost of living is the consolidated expenses of accommodation, utilities, food and living, transportation etc. In our sample data, we will consider the normal expenses of a family of two living in a moderate city. Considering the federal, state taxes and the health insurance are debited automatically from your pay slip, we have excluded these in our sample.

Sample Monthly Expenses:

Expense Description Monthly Expense Cost($)
Apartment Rent(One bed room) 500-800
Electricity ±100
Home Telephone ±40
Cell Phone ±40
Cable TV ±50
Internet(High speed or Cable) ±50
Food & Grocery
If you have purchased
a new car on loan for 5 years
Auto(Car) Insurance ±100
Gas(Petrol) for Car ±100
Laundry ±50
Apartment Rental Insurance ±10

Sample Annual Expenses:

Expense Description Annual Expense Cost($)
Car Tag(License) Renewal ±100
Car(Emission Test) ±40

Expensive Cities:

If you live in cities like New York, Boston, San Francisco, Los Angeles etc., then your expenses will be around 50% higher when compared to the other cities. Apartment costs, car insurance, gas, restaurant bills etc., would increase considerably. If you know the cost of living in a particular city, it will be helpful for you to negotiate a good salary with your future employer.

Cost of Living